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High School diploma program


Delta Hands for Hope  has partnered with Families First For Mississippi in order to offer the opportunity for individuals 19 years of age or older that did not complete high school to obtain a high school diploma through an accredited institution; upon completion of the prescribed courses the individual will receive a high school diploma through a State accredited institution. 

The program known as New Learning Resource On-line or NLRO will enable that individual to earn the high school credits required for their high school diploma.  This is not a GED preparation course but a program in which the participant actually takes the required courses on line at their own pace and ultimately receives a high school diploma after all the required courses have been taken.  Once enrolled the individual can take the courses at home on their personal computer or utilize the computers at the NLRO site in Shaw. 

Personnel are available to assist the students if they require assistance with the computer application.  Interested individuals should contact Lane Riley at 662-402-6882 or for an appointment to enroll.  A transcript from the school district will be required to determine which courses are required.  Under this program a student is required to pass the required courses but is not required to pass the State tests that high school seniors are subjected to at this point.  

Families First For Mississippi offers this program through its Family Resource Centers located in Greenville at 540 Main Street, Greenville, MS and Indianola at 100B Front Street, Indianola, MS.  

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