Delta Hands for Hope

To empower all children to have the education, leadership skills, and abilities to succeed.

As cliché as it may seem, the children are the future of Shaw. Delta Hands for Hope hopes that by working with children and youth, they may become well-educated, healthy, godly men and women that will give back and benefit their community.

I've had many conversations with people in Shaw. I've talked with parents and grandparents about the hopes and dreams for their grand/children. I've talked with teachers about what we can do supplement what the kids learn in school. I've talked with the local community members about how we can engage the community to work together. I want to know what the people of Shaw want, because this organization is here for the residents of Shaw. I want the community to take ownership of this organization and to be empowered to benefit Shaw using their own gifts.

5 Year Plan:

Develop 10 well-known programs for school-aged children that promote health, education, recreation, and spiritual development in school-aged children in Shaw

Identify and covenant with 50 identity partners for shared goals and outcomes

Have 100% of the kids in Shaw participate in a DHH event

Future Programs and Events

Partner with local churches to sponsor a community-wide youth group

Start a mentorship program 

Plan reciprocal mission trips for youth and adults in and out of Shaw. An example would be a church from Texas would come work with a church in Shaw, and then the church in Shaw would go work in Texas alongside the partnership church.

Participate in fall and Christmas festivals and parades

Plan monthly recreational activities for youth

Work alongside the Presentation Sisters tutoring program

Continue doing beautification projects

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