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Photography and Oral History Program

We are very excited to announce this new program that started this fall. This program is possible through a grant from the Mississippi Delta National Heritage Area, provided by the National Park Service trough Delta State University's Delta Center for Culture and Learning. 

Through this program, 24 youth in Shaw and Rosedale (through Rosedale Freedom Project) will be given the opportunity to learn photography and oral history skills needed to perpetuate culture and tell the story of the Delta.

This educational program will create opportunities for high school students to learn more about the Delta through interpretive and artistic projects. They will document the cultural and living traditions, and historical places in the area. They will record the oral histories of important community leaders and family members to tell a story. By having a record of important community members in several towns in the Delta, the youth will have a part in preserving and promoting the vast culture, history, and stories of this unique region.

We are partnering with several other organizations to make this possible. Special thanks to the Mississippi Delta National Heritage Area, the Delta Center for Culture and Learning, Delta Arts Alliance, Delta State University Department of Museums and Archives, Will Jacks, Alycia Burton Steele, and our many volunteers!

We will host showcases in the spring. More information to follow.


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