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Meet the hawkins

The lawsuit Mr. Hawkins filed against the City of Shaw was not without grave consequences. Mary Lou Hawkins was shot and killed in 1972 by local police officer, Andrew Sharpe. Sharpe was tried and acquitted of manslaughter. The Hawkins home was firebombed several times, the final bombing killed Andrew Jr., and two granddaughters, Mary Yvette and Bernadette. The identity of those who firebombed the Hawkins home is still unknown today.


Mr. Andrew Hawkins, Sr.

May 16, 1918 - April 17, 2000


Mrs. Mary Lou “Mae lou” Hawkins

April 18, 1907 - April 30, 1972


ANdrew Hawkins, Jr.

December 7, 1950 - March 16, 1979


Mary Yvette Hawkins

May 31, 1970 - March 16, 1979


Bernadette Hawkins

November 22, 1967 - March 16, 1979

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