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Makala Washington selected as a CBF "2018 Youth to Know."


Makala Washington, a youth leader at Delta Hands for Hope and a senior at Shaw High School was selected by the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship as a "2018 Youth to Know." This award is intended to recognize exceptional youth that are active members of CBF churches or partner organizations who are making a difference in their community.

This is what Lane Riley, the Executive Director of Delta Hands for Hope, wrote for her nomination:

Makala takes on many roles at Delta Hands for Hope. She participates in all of our high school programs, but also volunteers to lead middle school programs. She is a co-leader for our middle school Bible Study class, where she plans lessons and activities, helps the girls with their activities, and leads by example. When I am out of town and not able to lead class, she will lead it by herself. She is one of the best youth leaders I have, and is always finding ways to make Delta Hands for Hope a better organization. She helps clean and pick up out building, and will help younger youth with homework and school projects. During the summer, she is one of my most dependable youth to come and help. She is always looking for ways to serve, and will do whatever is needed with a great attitude. 

Makala is a someone that is going to excel in whatever she chooses to do in life. And right now, she is choosing to be a youth leader and volunteer with Delta Hands for Hope. 

She models leadership and a Christ-like attitude, and demonstrates how other youth should act. She always has a great attitude and is a friend and mentor to many. She is well-liked in school. She always completes her assignments and is respectful to her teachers and classmates. She is the perfect example of what I expect from my other youth leaders.

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